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Services currently offered at our Henderson location: 

- Athletic Therapy

- Laser Therapy

- Footcare Services 


The prevention and care of serious musculoskeletal injuries like injury to bone or the surrounding structure is known as athletic therapy. Our athletic therapy is an approach of exercise therapy, therapeutic modalities, and manual therapy.

Generally, people assume that athletic therapy is only for "athletes", but it is actually for people who may have sustained a workplace injury, experienced a motor vehicle accident, an accident at home, or an injury from any recreational activity. Our aim is to provide care to ensure you stay healthy, and get back to feeling your best as quickly and safely as possible.


  • Pre/post-operative surgery

  • Total knee replacement

  • Rotator cuff repair

  • ACL reconstruction sprains in ankle, knee, wrist, thumb

  • Partial/full muscle tears

  • Elbow tendinopathy (tennis or golfers elbow)

  • Carpal tunnel

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Low back injuries


We provide direct billing options to various third-party insurance companies including:

  • Manitoba Public Insurance

  • Worker’s Compensation Board of Manitoba

  • Manitoba Blue Cross

  • Canada Life

  • Greenshield Canada

  • Sunlife 

  • eClaims 

You can contact your insurance provider to get an idea to see what your plan covers


Innovative Medical Supplies offers access to the experienced group of therapists who can make you feel better. Discuss your needs with our therapists and they will help you find the right therapy treatment.


Felicia Borges - Certified Athletic Therapist

Felicia graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a specialization in Athletic Therapy degree in June 2021 from the University of Winnipeg.  She became certified in December 2021.  During her studies she worked with university volleyball and futsal athletes, as well as, high school hockey teams within the CSSHL.  She also had the privilege of learning from and working alongside certified Athletic Therapists in various Winnipeg clinics during her practicum placements. When she is not at IMS, Felicia enjoys her rewarding work as a Direct Support Worker. In her spare time, Felicia loves playing and coaching volleyball in recreationl leagues within the city. She is passionate about helping people and is eager to help you meet your physical health goals.


K. Jill Reimer - CAT(C), BSc.

Jill graduated from the University of Winnipeg with her Bachelor of Science in 2018 and certified as an Athletic Therapist that same year.


Jill loves working with patients in different capacities. During the day you will find her working in the clinic and after hours she is out on the football field working with local teams. She is excited to apply her knowledge and skill towards the healing journey of her patients, whatever the setting.


Whether you are an athlete, you are recovering from an operation, or you suffer from an ache or pain, Jill looks forward to meeting you!


Carter graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Therapy in 2023, and Certified as an Athletic Therapist in July 2023. He enjoys working in both the clinic and the field, having worked with athletes in different levels of football, hockey, and volleyball. Carter is excited to work with clients in the clinic to assess them, create goals and help them reach those goals to get them back to the activities they enjoy! 


Outside of work, Carter enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, and spending time with his dog, Dune.”

Carter Hildebrand - CAT(C), BSC.


Lovepreet Sharma- Rn, Foot Care Nurse 

Lovepreet received her Bachelor's of Nursing in India in 2012. She moved to Canada in 2014, and then started her nursing journey in Winnipeg. She became a LPN IN 2015 and then Registered Nurse in 2019. She has worked in personal care homes, as well as currently working at Seven Oaks Hospital, where she has been since 2019. She took her Footcare Nurse course in 2023 and has worked as a foot care nurse part time since. She loves working with people, and finds immense pleasure in helping someone get better or be a part of their journey to getting better.

Services offered by Lovepreet include: 

- Diabetic feet and nail care

- nail trimming and filing

- callus and corn reduction

- reduction of thickened nails 

- some ingrown toenail related care 

- elderly foot care- dry skin, cracked heels, etc. 

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