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First Aid Equipment in Winnipeg

In case of sudden injuries, you should always have first aid supplies readily available. Innovative Medical Supplies Inc has all the necessary first aid equipment in Winnipeg including bandages, gauze, splints and more. Keep your first aid kits well stocked with everything you need in an emergency situation.  

3M™ Littmann® Classic II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube, 28 inch

Price: $114.50

With its high acoustic sensitivity and durable, compact design, the 3M™ Littmann® Classic II S.E. Stethoscope is one of our best sellers.


  • Two-sided traditional combination chestpiece
  • Tunable diaphragm on one side, traditional bell on the other
  • Anatomically designed headset

Colours Available:

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Rasberry
  • Burgundy

2nd Skin 1" Squares- 200/ box

PRICE: $56.95

  • Protects against blisters
  • Water-based material so the pads won't stick to skin
  • Prevents: rubbing, chafing, and blisters

Shoe Covers non-skid Bottom - 300/case

Price: $49.95

  • Added protection with fluid repellent material
  • Increased tear strength with sewn seams

Child Crutches 3’11 – 4’7

Price: $39.95

The Push Button Aluminum Crutches - Child are strong yet lightweight. The crutches can be adjusted by pushing a button and sliding the post to the proper height printed on the crutch. The printed height scale helps to eliminate error when sizing.

Youth Crutches 4'7-5'2

Price: $30.95

The Push Button Aluminum Crutches - Youth are strong yet lightweight. The crutches can be adjusted by pushing a button and sliding the post to the proper height printed on the crutch. The printed height scale helps to eliminate error when sizing.

Generation Pink Exam Gloves Nitrile, 200/box

Price: $25.95

  • Our extra sensitive glove provides superior chemical resistance and barrier protection.
  • Generation Pink® Non-Sterile Powder-Free Latex-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves deliver proven protection for some of the toughest healthcare situations.
  • Boxes now hold twice the usual amount of gloves for your convenience, savings and waste reduction.

Available in Size XSmall – XLarge

Skin-Prep Protective Wipes

Price: $19.95

  • Creates a protective barrier between skin and adhesives
  • Provides a tough coating to seal out digestive juices and urine and to protect tender skin from any kind of adhesive trauma

Leukotape® K

Price: $17.95

Leukotape® K is an elastic tape used to support the sensory functions. The stretchable cotton material works ideally with the skin’s natural elasticity. The support is coated with a skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive. It is permeable to air reducing the risk of maceration. The wave pattern of the adhesive can support the therapeutic effect. Leukotape® K is very durable, sports and showering present no problem.

Features and benefits

  • Breathable fabric due to wave patterned adhesive
  • Durable
  • Water repellent
  • Low profile
  • Cost effective
  • Latex free


  • Smoothing sensation of pain
  • Stimulating mechanoreceptors in the skin
  • Encouraging proprioception and electromyographic activity
  • Encouraging lymph drainage
  • Posture correction

Main uses

  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Lymph edema
  • Muscular pain

Multipurpose Speed Splint

Price: $15.95

  • Single splint fits bent or straight elbow, ankle, and wrist
  • Unique fold-and-splint design reduces medic's pack weight, simplifies inventory requirements, and stores flat for easy transport
  • Ideal for arm injuries, as well as foot and ankle injuries

Also available as a case of 50 for $624.95

Isolation Face Mask w/ Earloops 50/box

Price: $14.95

Soft layers of non-woven material act as a trap to effectively bar bacteria. Aluminum nosepiece conforms to provide a close, comfortable fit.

Exam Gloves, Nitrile, Venom Black

Price: $12.95

  • Venom black nitrile exam gloves are the preferred choice for those who demand uncompromising quality and protection.
  • These non-sterile, powder- and latex-free gloves offer lightweight strength, excellent donning characteristics, and textured fingertips for enhanced grip and control.

Exam Gloves, Nitrile blue, 100/box

Price: $11.50

  • SensiCare Non-Sterile Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves have durable thin mil nitrile material that provides maximum protection against chemicals, harmful abrasions, Type I allergic reactions to NRL and viral exposure.
  • Comfortable and secure even during the most difficult procedures.
  • Glove is approved for chemotherapy treatments.
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D6319.
  • Available in small, medium, large and extra large

Povidone Iodine Swab 50/Box

Price: $9.95

  • Povidone Iodine Swabsticks
  • Each Swabstick is saturated with a 10% povidone iodine solution
  • Ideal for venipuncture, IV starts, renal dialysis and pre-op prepping Povidone-Iodine Scrub Swabsticks

Generation Pink Exam Gloves, Stretch Vinyl 100/box

Price: $8.95

  • Medline's Generation Pink latex-free, patented third-generation vinyl exam gloves have the comfort, barrier protection, and price you love.
  • When you choose Generation Pink gloves, you're helping Medline support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Available in Size XSmall – Xlarge

Double Length Elastic Bandage

Price: $8.50

Latex-free orthopedic grade woven bandages that provide consistent elasticity, support, and compression. Made of the finest quality yarns, these bandages resist deterioration from ointments and medications and can withstand numerous washings and sterilization.

Available in 4 inch and 6 inch rolls

4 inch - $8.50
6 inch - $9.50

Conforming Bandage Gauze Sterile

Price: $6.95

Sold in boxes only
Prices subject to change

2" Sterile - Bag of 12 $6.95
3" Sterile - Bag of 12 $7.95
4" Sterile - Bag of 12 $8.50
6" Sterile - Bag of 6 $6.95

Lightplast Pro Elastic Tape

Price: $5.95

2' Roll - $5.95 each/$102.95 box (24 rolls)
3' Roll - $7.95 each/$102.95 box (16 rolls)

  • Lightplast Pro is a rippable light elastic tape
  • Unbleached fabric with sufficient stretch to allow for uniform tension adjustment
  • Made of cotton and lycra
  • Coated with natural rubber porous adhesive

Universal Bandage Scissors w/ one serrated edge

Price: $5.95

6" Scissors - $5.95
7" Scissors - $6.95

*All scissors have one serrated edge

Baxter – 0.9% Sodium Chloride Irrigation, USP

Price: $5.95

  • Isotonic solution for irrigation only. Not for injection
  • Single use container


Price: $5.25

Hypafix transparent is the dressing for waterproof, wide area fixation. Providing a barrier against water, moisture and contamination, it allows patients to wash and shower without fear of wetting their dressings.

  • Transparent, allowing visual inspection of the wound environment
  • Waterproof, the semi-permeable film provides a barrier to water and bacteria, whilst still allowing the skin to breathe and so preventing maceration
  • Reliable and skin-friendly adhesion, making the dressing durable and well tolerated, even by sensitive skin

Sizes available:

2.5cm $5.25
5cm $7.95
10cm $14.95
15cm $18.95

3M™ Coban™ Self-Adherent Wrap

Price: $4.95

3M™ Transpore™ Medical Tape
A latex-free, hypoallergenic, transparent, and perforated plastic tape that offers strong adhesion.
Transpore tape is easy to tear into very thin strips, and is easy to use even with gloves.

Prices are subject to change. Please contact for availability of stock

2" - single roll - 3M1582C-S $4.95
2" - 36 rolls/box - 3M15282C - $159.90

Sterile Water 500mL - JF7623

Price: $4.95

Baxter - Sterile Water for Irrigation USP
Used for irrigation only. Not for injection.

  • No antimicrobial agent or other substance has been added
  • Single use container
  • 500 ml

Loris Alcohol Preps 200/Box

Price: $4.95

  • Helps reduce bacteria content that could cause skin infections
  • Air dries quickly requiring no wiping
  • Individually wrapped in water-resistant packages
  • Latex- free
  • For single use
  • Each pad is saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Disposamed Sterile Gauze

Price: $4.95

All Gauze 8-ply Sponges - Sterile

  • 100% pure white cotton
  • For multipurpose applications
  • 50 pouches/box, 2 sheets/pouch

Sold in boxes
50 packages/box
Prices are subject to change

2"x2" $4.95
3"x3" $5.50
4"x4" $10.50


Price: $3.95

** All reusable penlights require 2 AAA batteries, not included **

Lister Bandage Scissors

Price: $2.95

Lister Bandage Scissors - 9cm - $24.95
Lister Bandage Scissors - 11cm - $24.95
Lister Bandage Scissors - 11.5cm - $2.95
Lister Bandage Scissors - 14 cm - $2.95
Lister Bandage Scissors - 18 cm - $34.95

Andover Power Flex 6 yd length

Price: $2.95

Three-way protection that's stronger, more comfortable, and easier to wrap than conventional taping systems. Tears easily by hand and is self-sticking without the adhesive. Elastic yarn allows for consistent stretch and compression. It eliminates the need for pre-wrap and adhesive spray. It is breathable and soft.

  • 2" single roll - $2.95
  • 3" single roll - $3.95
  • 2" - 24 rolls / case / box - $65.95
  • 3" - 16 rolls / case / box - $64.95
  • 3" - 48 rolls / case / box - $ 155.95

Andover Powerflex

Price: $2.95

A strong, fabric-based bandage that tears easily by hand and sticks to itself for quick wrapping and longer staying power.
PowerFlex ® was developed after years of research in an effort to better protect athletes from injury. From this product, a taping system was derived that has revolutionized the Sports Medicine Industry. Athletic Trainers/Therapists around the world use PowerFlex to tape and protect their athletes.

  • Eliminates the need for pre-wrap and adhesive spray
  • Hand tears – sticks to itself for quick wrapping
  • 24 lbs tensile strength – strong, comfortable support
  • Sweat resistant and breathable

Colours available:
White, black, red, blue, purple, neon pink, maroon
Please contact for other colours and stock.
Prices are subject to change.

  • 2" x 6ryd. Roll $2.50
  • 2" x 6yrd. Case of 24 $52.95
  • 3" x 6yrd. Roll $3.50
  • 3" x 6yrd. Case of 48 $137.95

3M™ Transpore™ Medical Tape

Price: $2.50

A latex-free, hypoallergenic, transparent and perforated plastic tape that offers strong adhesion.

  • Transpore tape is easy to tear into very thin strips, and is easy to use even with gloves.
  • 10yd rolls

Prices are subject to change. Please contact for availability of stock.

0.5" - roll $2.50 3M152705-1
0.5" - box of 24 $22.95 3M152705
1" - roll $2.50 3M15271-1
1" - box of 12 $23.95 3M15271
3" - 4rolls/box $21.95 3m15273-1
3" - roll $5.95 3m15273

Conforming Bandage Gauze Non-Sterile

Price: $2.50

Non-Sterile Conforming Bandage Gauze

Sold in boxes only
12 rolls/box

Available Sizes:

3" Non-Sterile - box of 12 $3.95
4" Non-Sterile - box of 12 $3.95
6" Non-Sterile - box of 6 $2.50

Economy Tensor Bandage

Price: $2.00

  • A.k.a. tensor bandages
  • 4-5m long stretched
  • Sold separately or per pkg/box

Economy: version is a lightweight synthetic wrap interwoven with rubber threads.

Indicated for: support of sprains and strains, economical, single or limited usage.

Available in 3 sizes:

Roll - 2" Economy - MDS045002E $2.00
Roll - 3" Economy - MDS045003E $2.00
Roll - 4" Economy - Q233SP-100 $3.00

Second Skin

Price: $1.50

Spenco® 2nd Skin® protect against blisters. It is made mostly from water to cool and soothe on contact — won’t stick to the skin and comes with 3" circles or 1" squares.
Recommended for: Prevention of skin pressure, rubbing, chafing, and blisters. Jar format is ideal for use in clinics, training rooms, and first aid stations.

  • Second Skin - Circles - Each - $1.50
  • Second Skin - Circles - per Jar - $67.95
  • Second Skin - Squares - per Jar - $42.95

Dynarex Instant Cold Packs

Price: $1.50

Ideal for first aid use where ice is not available
Simply squeeze the pack and a chemical reaction occurs making the pack therapeutically cold.

  • Sold separately or box of 24
  • Single Pack - $1.50
  • Box - $31.95


Price: $1.50

Primapore dressings combine an absorbent pad with a soft and conformable fixative layer for the simple and effective management of sutured wounds.

  • Soft breathable cover
  • Low allergy adhesive
  • Low adherent pad
  • Conformable

Available in singles and box of 50

Andover Victory Tape

Price: $2.95

A cohesive athletic tape that sticks only to itself or to PowerFlex® creating the strongest combination taping system in existence.

  • Replaces traditional cloth athletic tape
  • Hand tears – sticks to itself for quick wrapping
  • Contains less than 1% stretch
  • Sweat resistant and breathable
  • Also available latex free - must use with latex free PowerFlex
  • Available in 1.5" tape

Colours available:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • White
  • 1.5"x15yds - roll $2.00
  • 1.5"x15yds - box of 32 $54.95

Disposamed Non-Sterile Gauze

Price: $2.95

All Gauze 12-ply Sponges - Non-Sterile

  • 100% pure white cotton
  • For multipurpose applications

Prices are subject to change

2"x2" 12-ply $2.95
3"x3" 12-ply $5.95
4"x4" 12-ply $6.95

Triangular Bandage

Price: $1.25

  • Manufactured of 100% cotton-strong muslin providing a consistent high-quality product
  • Individually packaged in a polybag including 2 safety pins

Moleskin 3”X25yds

Price: $0.50

It is a strong protection product used when taping extra support. It provides protection against abrasions when playing on artificial turf or when wearing braces.

3M™ Micropore™ Surgical Tape
It is a specially constructed paper tape with a lightweight micro-porous backing that lets air reach the skin.
Hypo-allergenic adhesive hold well on damp skin and removes without pain

30’/10yd rolls

Prices are subject to change. Please contact for availability of stock.

1/2' single roll $1.75 3M153005-1
1/2' tape 24/box $15.95 3M153005
1' single roll $1.75 3M15301-1
1' tape 12/box $14.95 3M15301
2" single roll $2.75 3M15302-1
2" 6/box $14.95 3M15302

Steri-Strip Closures

Price: $70.00

Please contact for specific sizes and stock availability.
3M™ Steri-Strip™ Adhesive Skin Closures offers important benefits over other wound closure methods including atraumatic application, more cost-effective than sutures, improved cosmetic results, reduced potential for infection, and quicker development of wound tensile strength:

1/8' x3' - 5/Pkg - $1.50 (3MR1540)
1/8' x3' - 50 Pkg/Box - $68.50 (3MR1540)
1/4' x 1.5' - 6/Pkg - $1.35 (3MR1542-S)
1/4' x 1.5' - 50 Pkg/Box - $64.50 (3MR1542)
1/4' x 3' - 2 Strips/Pkg - $1.50 (3MR1541-S)
1/4' x 3' - 50 Pkg/Box - $70.00 (3MR1541)
1/4' x 4' - 2 Strips/Pkg - $3.25 (3M1546-S)

Andover Powerflex AFD (Absorbent Foam Dressing)

Price: $2.50

All-in-one foam pad dressing and cohesive bandage that helps get players back in the game.

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Absorbs up to ten times its weight in fluid
  • Strong, flexible PowerFlex® base - 23 lbs tensile strength
  • Controlled compression – will not constrict
  • Straight hand tear – no scissors needed
  • Waterproof layer to prevent leakage, drying out, and contamination
  • Conforms to wound bed – reduces maceration and promotes wound healing
  • Will not stick to wound bed

Available in 2 inch or 3 inch

2"x2.5 yds - roll $2.50
2"x2.5 yds - box of 16 $29.95
4"x2.5 yds - roll $5.00
4"x2.5 yds - box of 8 $29.95




$4.75 / roll

$124.95 / box

A tight-weave premium bleached cloth tape with a zinc oxide-impregnated rubber adhesive. A single roll is 1.5" x 15 yds.



1.5 inch

$ 4.95 / roll
$129.95 / box

2 inch
$ 5.95 / roll
$118.95 / box

High quality, breathable porous athletic tape protects joints from sprains and injuries. Used by sports teams and athletic trainers to provide support to help speed recovery from injuries of ankles, knees, wrist or foot. Contains latex. Available in 1.5" and 2".



Seconds: $ 2.00 / roll 

$ 149.95 / box

Poly Cotton Blend: $ 2.75 / roll
$ 69.95 / box

Pro White: $ 3.25 / roll
$ 79.95 / box

One: $ 3.50 / roll
$ 82.95 / box

Color: $ 3.95 / roll
$ 94.95 / box

This tape is a blend of polyester and cotton that creates a strong yet economical yet versatile cloth tape. It is coated with hypoallergenic adhesive.



2" - $ 2.95 / roll

$ 65.95 / box

3" - $ 3.95 / roll
$ 155.95 / box

Strong, fabric based bandage that tears easily and sticks to itself for quick wrapping and longer staying power. Eliminates the need for pre-wrap and adhesive spray. Sweat resistant and breathable. Available in different colours.



1" - $1.95 / roll

$64.95 / box

1.5" - $2.95 / roll
$73.95 / box

2" - $3.95 / roll
$64.95 / box

Cohesive athletic tape that sticks only to itself or Powerflex. Replaces traditional cloth tape. Available in different colours and length.



$1.75 / roll

$68.95 / box

Pre-taping foam underwrap helps protect skin from tape chaffing. Can be used to hold pads and socks in place and as a protective wrap inside hiking boots, ski boots, and other athletic footwear. Available in 2 3/4" x 30 yds.

Leukotape K



Leukotape® K supports sensory functions. Wave pattern adhesive allows air to circulate and full mobility is preserved. Extremely thin and skin-friendly with polyacrylate adhesive for reliable adhesion. Available in different colours.



2" - $3.95 / roll

$137.95 / box

3" - $5.95 / roll
$137.95 / box

Made of durable, high quality cotton/rayon fabric. Coated with porous adhesive that allows evaporation even when overlapped. Fluffy, non-fraying edges.

Lightplast Pro Elastic


2" - $5.95 / roll

$112.95 / box

3" - $7.95 / roll
$112.95 / box

Rippable light elastic tape. Unbleached fabric with sufficient stretch to allow for tension adjustment. Made of cotton and Lycra. Natural porous adhesive.

Heel and Lace Pads


$1.00/pk of 20

Helps reduce friction inside shoes near tender zones of the heel and the area near laces. Use these thin layers of white foam with Lubricating Ointment.




Easy-to-use tape adherent that helps tape and wraps stay in place better and longer.


Sterile Gauze


2" x 2" - $4.95
3" x 3" - $3.95
4" x 4" - $9.50

Traditional highly absorbent and woven gauze sponges. Well suited for wound dressing, general cleaning, minor prepping and wound packing. 100% pure white cotton. Available in 2" x 2", 3" x 3", & 4" x 4". Sold per box.

Nonwoven Sponges / Non-sterile Gauze


2" x 2" - $3.95
3" x 3" - $4.95

4" x 4" - $6.95

All purpose sponges are absorbent, low-linting and fast-wicking. They are gentle on granulating tissue. Rayon and polyester blend. Latex-free. Available in 2" x 2", 3" x 3", & 4" x 4". Sold per package.

Conforming Gauze


2" - $6.95
3" - $5.00
4" - $6.50
6" - $5.50

Non- Sterile
2" - $2.95
3" - $3.95

6" - $2.50

Conforms to the contour of the body. Designed for when light compression is needed, helps keep dressings in place. Individually wrapped. Availble in sterile & non-sterile. 2", 3", 4" and 6".

Telfa / Non-Adherent Pads


2" x 3" - $13.95

3" x 4" - $ 17.95

Won't disrupt healing tissue by sticking to wound. Ideal as a primary dressing for lightly draining wounds and home dressing. Non-adherent and non-woven.

Abdominal / Combine Pads


$0.35 each

Constructed from highly absorbent rayon and celluose. Sterile, non-woven facing and absorbent cotton filler with rayon fibres diffuse liquid through the pad. Available in 5" x 9".

Leuko Med Dressing, with Absorbent Pad


2" x 3" - .35 cents each

4" x 10" - $1.50

Composed of an acrylic adhesive and non-woven substrate with a highly absorbent wound pad for secreting wounds. Latex-free adhesive enables easy removal, and the non-adherent layer prevents adhesion to the wound.

Indications: for post surgical incisions; moderate to heavy drainage wound, pressure ulcers, partial and full thickness wounds. 

Leuko Med T-Plus


4" x 10" - $ 1.75

Designed to cover catheter/wound sites while providing barrier to external contaminants such as bacteria, blood and body fluids. Completely transparent for easy inspection without removing dressing. Sterile, waterproof and bacteria proof. Permeable to water vapour and oxygen.

Indications: For securing peripheral and central venous catheters, wound dressing fixation, to cover superficial wound. 

Steri Strips


1/4" x 4" - $ 3.25
1/8" x 3.5" - $ 1.50
6mm x 7.6 cm - $ 1.50

1/4" x 1.5" - $ 1.35

Used in the treatment of lacerations, surgical incisions and wound support following early suture/staple removals. Porous, sterile, latex-free and reinforced with filaments. Coated with pressure sensitive, hypoallergenic, non-woven backing material.



1/2" - $ 2.50

1" - $ 2.50

Easy to use, this tape can easily be torn into thin strips to allow for better visualization of the skin. Offers strong adhesion and can be used to secure tubing and dressings that need to be monitored. Available in 1/2" and 1".



1/2" - $ 1.00

1" - $ 1.75

Gentle on sensitive and fragile skin. Very porous. Allows moisture to escape without reducing adhesion. Thin, soft and flexible for improved patient comfort. Available in 1/2" and 1"..




Dirt and water resistant. Thin, flexible and conformable. Secure adhesion for reliable fit. Low-adherent, absorbent wound pad.

Speed Splint



Speed Splints offer very fast, temporary immobilization. They are lightweight, compact, and can be worn during x-rays. Plastic corrugation construction with no glue or laminates to break down.

SAM Splint



The SAM® Splint is the gold standard in splints and is built from a thin core of aluminum alloy and sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam. The SAM Splint can be bent into any of three simple curves, becoming extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limb. The SAM Splint is incredibly lightweight (only 4.0 oz.), and no other device offers so many variations for the treatment of orthopedic emergencies. Waterproof.

Safety Pins



Ideal for fastening pieces of fabric or clothing together.

Triangular Bandage



Made from 100% cotton and conforms to standard, regulation size. Included 2 safety pins and the triangle. Dimensions: Length: 56", Width: 40", Height: 40".

Emergency Blanket



Made from 100% cotton and conforms to standard, regulation size. Included 2 safety pins and the triangle. Dimensions: Length: 56", Width: 40", Height: 40".

Saline SalJet



SalJet 0.9% NaCl saline solution, 30ml poly vial. Single use only.




Reflects and retains over 80% of radiated body heat. Can be used as an emergency shelter or thermal ground cover. Lightweight and compact.

Sterile Water



Sterile water for irrigation only. Not for injection. Single use container.

Pocket Mask



Reusable medical grade thermo-plastic physical protection barrier to prevent the victim's breath and bodily fluids from reaching the rescuer. Innovative construction includes a specially designed viral and bacterial filter for extra protection. Features a soft inflated cuff for a leak-proof seal. Includes an oxygen inlet for optional supplemental oxygen.

CPR pocket mask kit includes: CPR pocket mask ; One pair of vinyl gloves ; One antimicrobial hand towelette

CPR Face Shield



Physical protection barrier for safe mouth to mouth resuscitation. One way valve Filter eliminates blow back of bodily fluids to rescuer.

Pulse Oximeter



The pulse oximeter is to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate. It displays SpO₂ and Pulse Rate, Pulse bar and Plethysmogram. It accommodates widest range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult. Approximately 30 hours of normal operation.

Sprague Rapport Stethoscope



This unique interchangeable 5 in 1 stethoscope enables maximum accoustic response for infants, children or adults by simply changing the bell and diaphragm sizes. Excellent sound transmission. Latex-free. 22" tubing.

Stethoscope Littmann


$114.95 - $319.95

Offers high acoustic sensitivity for performing general physical assessments. With a two-sided chestpiece, dual turnable diaphragms, convertible open bell, improved tubing, and much more. Available in different colours and styles.

Blood Pressure Cuff



Replacement cuff for LifeSource blood pressure monitors. The cuff is designed to conform to your arm to make it as comfortable as possible when you measure your BP. Using the correct size cuff is important for an accurate reading. Available in medium and large.




Professional quality aneroid sphygmomanometer with calibrated cuff and certified gauge latex-free. Comes with blood pressure cuff and storage carrying case.

Automatic BP device



Quick and easy measurements with gentle inflation for more comfortable measurement. It indicates an Irregular Heartbeat during a measurement. Stores 90 measurements in memory and displays average of all measurements.




Nebulizes liquid medicine using compressed air technology, for treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract. The kit includes adult and child mask, mouthpiece, nebulizer unit, tubing, nebulizer chamber and replacement air filters.

Second Skin


Squares - $ 42.95

Circles - $ 67.95

2nd Skin® Hydrogel Circles protect against blisters. Made from mostly water to cool and soothe on contact. Dressings won’t stick to the skin. 48 Hydrogel Circles in an air-tight resealable jar.

Sanitizer Isagel



Isagel® is a no-rinse, instant hand sanitizing gel.




This disposable penlight features a high intensity focused beam operated by applying pressure to the metal pocket clip.

Fanny Pack



Includes quick access pockets, separate tape and glove pockets, detachable module, two front pockets for additional storage, two interior mesh pockets with zipper closures and insert for scissors with velcro closure.

Sharps Collector



Preassembled to offer a patented one-way funnel valve to minimize needlesticks and overfilling. Convenient, vertical point first drop.


Sensicare Nitrile



Blue powder-free gloves offer dependable strength, comfortable and secure fit even during difficult procedures. Includes textured fingertips for enhanced grip. Available in different sizes.

Disposamed Latex Lightly Powdered



Made of soft latex with a matte outer surface. Uniform thickness and conforming stretchability provide for greater sensitivity and tactile perception and an almost skin-like fit. Non-Sterile. Available in different sizes.

Disposamed Vinyl



Non-Sterile, vinyl, latex-free gloves. Available in different sizes.

Nitrile Generation Pink



Pink powder-free gloves offer excellent tactile sensitivity for touch perception and barrier protection. Textured fingertips for enhanced grip. Available in different sizes.

Vinyl Generation Pink



Generation Pink third-generation vinyl exam gloves have the comfort, barrier protection and price you love. Available in different sizes.


Carbo Needles



Made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. Individual package with 1 guide tube per needle. Extended medical sealing paper for easy peeling. 5 needles per flat with perforations in between for ease of detachment. 20 flats or 100 needles per box.




Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a safe, non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief used by Physical Therapists and professional Doctors. TENS 3000 can deliver stable pulses to the skin to stimulate nerve fibers effectively blocking the pain signal to your brain. Also increases natural endorphins, which are natural pain reliever.

EMS Unit



Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses. EMS has the potential to serve as a muscle strength training and rehabilitation tool as well as offer post-exercise recovery benefits for athletes. EMS can also be used to help stimulate blood circulation.

Dr. B's Back Relever



Dr. B's Back Re-Lever is the first medical grade self massaging tool designed to actively release built up scar tissue and fascial adhesions. It is clinically demonstrated and patented. The medical grade technology stimulates your painful areas, increase blood stimulations, allowing your muscles to contract and relax, relieving pressure and pain.

Exercise Peddler



Four anti-slip rubber pads prevent sliding and protect floor. Safe and gentle form of low-impact exercise. Stimulates circulation. Ideal for toning leg and arm muscles. Tension can be adjusted.

Tiger tail


18" - $39.95

36" - $44.95

A one size fits most portable massage stick that is perfect for personal use. It works great for both upper and lower body massage without getting down on the ground.

Foam rollers


18" - $ 19.95

36" - $ 34.95

The Fitterfirst Classic Foam Roller helps improve flexibility and stability through myofascial release and increase core strength and stability. Great for rolling out muscles that are tight and restricting movement.

Theraband Tubing


Yellow - .95 cents per foot
Red - $1.00 per foot
Green - $1.10 per foot
Blue - $1.20 per foot
Black - $1.25 per foot

Silver - $1.50 per foot

TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Tubing is ideal for upper and lower body exercise, rehabilitation and conditioning. The resistance tubing makes measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy easy. Available in 6 different resistances.

Theraband Band


Yellow - $1.05 cents per foot
Red - $1.10 per foot
Green - $1.20 per foot
Blue - $1.35 per foot

Black - $1.45 per foot

TheraBand Professional Non-Latex Resistance Bands help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living, enhance athletic performance, and makes measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy easy. The resistance bands are easy-to-use, convenient, portable, and are an effective alternative to free weights and weight machines. Available in 5 different resistances.

Anatomy Charts


$ 37.95 - $44.95

Anatomical Chart Poster Print Laminated Poster 20" x 26".

Vinyl Dumbbell


$ 1.95 - $ 18.50

The colorful vinyl coating on these Fitbells make them sleek, durable, and easy to clean. Available in different weights.

Swiss pro ball


$ 29.95 - $ 54.95

The Thera-Band® Pro Series SCP™ Exercise Ball is the latest offering in ball technology. Each TheraBand exercise ball comes with two plugs and an inflation adapter, along with the Thera-Band® Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 exercises. Available in 4 different sizes.

Airex Pads



The Airex Balance Pad combines both exercise and coordination skills. Widely used for rehabilitation, injury prevention, beginner balance training and sports conditioning, the Balance Pad challenges balance and is suitable for strengthening lower back muscles and while doing lunges and squats.

Fitness Loops


$4.95 - $5.95

Versatile and portable resistance training tool, great for upper and lower body workouts, fitness loops contain latex for ultimate elasticity and durability. Dimensions: 12” L x 2” W.

Bosu ball



The BOSU Balance Trainer is perfect for personal training, sports conditioning, rehabilitation, balance, core and boot camp workouts. The BOSU is known as a Total Training System because it allows users to work on and improve everything from cardio and strength to balance and flexibility.

Core F/X


Red - $14.95
Black - $20.95
Purple - $29.95
Orange - $33.95
Green - $41.95

Blue - $53.95

COREFX Strength bands provide an easy way to help you perform better. Bands can be used to help to warm up, stretch and recover. Train solo or with a partner for sports, fitness, injury rehabilitation, yoga, body shaping, weight-loss and physical therapy. The COREFX Strength Bands are made from premium-grade rubber for the highest quality finish that stands up to whatever punishment your workout can dish out. Available in different resistances.

BB Massage Percussion Apparatus



Looking for Equipment for Effective Workout

MYTSTRAP is proven to give you an extremely efficient and effective workout without going to the gym.


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